Bitcoins are famous these days and can be bought at multiple places, but we endorse particularly if you are a European inhabitant. Like credit cards, Bittylicious too supports SEPA payments. Therefore, bitcoins can be acquired through regular online banking just within couple of hours.
The website is candid and doesn’t require extra information. also offers a supportive buying guide.
You will also require a wallet to keep your Bitcoins. If you choose your wallet to keep in your personal computer, we endorse MultiBit. Furthermore, if you wish a cloud built wallet, we recommend BlockChain.

You can buy Bitcoins using your PayPal/MoneyBooker(Skrill) or money gram from

Purchasing bitcoins with card is the recomended method. You can but bitcoins using your credit/debit card at or at

If the methods mentioned above didn’t work for you then you can visit following link for more details.

Simply copy and paste the link in address bar of new tab.